An Kaler

25. August 2012, 14:30 h, Uferstudio 12

Together separately. Separately together. How can one perceive and analyse a collectively experienced, present moment? Three performers share a moment on stage. They go through a series of positions that let them become the bearers of ambiguous, almost static and yet variable images. Connections develop between them which cause the moment to gently but clearly shift and their rela- tionships to constantly charge and discharge. Through a series of interrupted yet connected sequences and situations a space is created in which performer and spectator share the potentiality of what comes next.




Eine Produktion von Verein An Kaler c/o das Schaufenster in Koproduktion mit Tanzquartier Wien, Tanzfabrik Berlin, TANZTAGE BERLIN/SOPHIENSÆLE. Unterstützt von Wien Kultur, Österreichisches Kulturforum Berlin, apap – advancing performing arts project und Turbo Residence Impulstanz.

Konzept/Choreografie: An Kaler
Performance: Alex Baczynski-Jenkins, An Kaler, Antonija Livingstone 
 Bruno Pocheron 
 Stephanie Rauch 
 Brendan Dougherty 
 Heike Albrecht 
 Eva Würdinger 
 das Schaufenster