Daniel AlmgrenRecén


Native Realm –the Notion of Home is a long-term installation project by the Swedish choreographer Daniel AlmgrenRecén that is based on questions of familiarity, belonging, identification, security and memory in relation to nomadism.

Questions that all surround the idea of a modern home.

“I’m literally traveling with my house and personal belongings across Europe. With this project I’m an artist in residence that is residing in my own home while being geographically displaced.

In Sweden I moved in with my personal belongings to the Gothenburg Dance and Theater Festival’s exhibition space between the 23rd and 25th of May 2012. During these days visitors were invited to my permanent temporary house over a cup of coffee with me and look through my things. Talk about the home as idea and manifestation, its emotional value, its micro economy or sharing memories of homes to come or homes that are lost.

During Stamsund International Theater Festival at Lofoten, Norway between the 29th of May and 2nd of June 2012, I resided with my belongings in a small house located in the heart of this small fishing village.

Here in Uferstudios, Berlin the project Native Realm –the notion of home will be installed until the 16th of September where you are welcome to visit me.

On my journey by truck I collected my dispersed personal belongings and visit places I have personal bounds with and leave new traces in the places I have never been to before.”

The travel will be documented through words, photos and video.

The travel has gone via: Warsaw (Poland), Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Copenhagen (Denmark), Gothenburg (Sweden), Strömstad (Sweden), Oslo (Norway), Kongsvinger (Norway), Trondheim (Norway), Stamsund (Norway), Östersund (Sweden), Ockelbo (Sweden), Stockholm (Sweden), Söderköping (Sweden), Malmö (Sweden), Trelleborg (Sweden), Berlin (Germany).


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