25. August 2012, 13:00–23:00 h, Uferstudio 13

Two days preparation, ten hours of discussion. In this way five choreographers, dancers, musicians and dramaturgs approach the pieces, themes and artists in TANZNACHT BERLIN 2012. sommer.talks seeks excessive exchange, direct contact, filtering of the themes and dissecting artistic practice into its constituent parts. Exchange and communication! There will be rumination, silence, shop talk, passionate discussion, simpli- fication, complication, laughter and the themes will be pursued to the limit. The audience is invited to sit in, join in or simply to listen in.

Concept: Kerstin Schroth With: Begüm Erciyas, Ligia Manuela Lewis, Noha Ramadan & Juli Reinartz


sommer.talks timetable:


13:00            Hyoung-Min Kim, Tommi Zeuggin & Anja Steglich

14:00            Jana Unmüßig & Niels ‚Storm’ Robitzky

15:00            Gabi Beier, Willy Prager, Inge Koks

16:00            Minna Tiikkainen & Jefta van Dinther (tbc)

17:00            Felix M. Ott

18:00            Daniel AlmgrenRecén

19:00            An Kaler & Bruno Pucheron

20:00            Jeremy Wade & Brendan Dougherty

21:00            Diego Agulló & Isabelle Schad

22:00            Tian Rotteveel & Clément Layes