Together with artists from Berlin’s large hiphop scene the festival for contemporary dance TANZNACHT BERLIN created ‘The Battle’ as a meeting place for Berlin’s diverse dance scene.

With ‘The Battle’ TANZNACHT BERLIN 2012 opens up the dance floor for choreographers, performers and professional and amateur dancers of all dance backgrounds – be it contemporary, ballet, hiphop, street dance, clubbing enthusiasts, folk dancing, conceptual dance etc. In the two rounds „duet“ and „me against the music“ participants get 60 seconds to show their moves, ideas and/or dance craze and can win the box office revenues of ‘The Battle’ !

In ‘duets’ you will be partnered up with another dancer and need to work together – on the spot: making instantaneously a 60 seconds choreography with your own style and tools combining them with those of your partner. In ‘me against the music’ you perform alone, working with the music the DJ chooses for you, variing all genres from classical, modern, nothing, white noise, street sounds or other soundscapes. Participants can join both rounds but do not have to.

An official TANZNACHT BERLIN 2012 jury will decide on the winners of both rounds. Prices are the box office revenues of the event (min. 100 € perperson), the priceless TANZNACHT CUP and some other prices.

Besides a competition, ‘The Battle’ is a space of enjoying dance, of dancing, of encounters and exchange. Everybody can try out (new) movement ideas, look at other people’s moves or just dance themselves. For this the DJ and MC transform Studio 1 into a dance floor for everybody to join in.

To participate sign up via mail ( or spontaneously address the MC during ‘The Battle’ itself. The number of participants is limited – the sooner you sign up, the safer your participation at TANZNACHT BERLIN 2012 BATTLE. The entrance fee is for everybody -participant or spectator- the same: 5€ to make sure ‘The Battle’ winners will be getting a nice price for their dancing!

Developed by: Kadir ‘Amigo’ Memis, Niels ‘Storm’ Robitzky, Raphael Hillebrand, Leonie Rodrian, Inge Koks
Artistic advice: Anna Wagner, Ligia Lewis, Adam Linder, Christoph Winkler, Nir de Volff