Kalin Lindena & Friends

Installation 22-26 August 2012

25 August 2012, 23.15 h – Performance in the Uferstudios courtyard

A vast network of different colored lines and geometric shapes will cover the courtyard as a permanent addition to the Uferstudios this year. GEHTANZ III uses them to playfully make connections between places, give directions, divide the space and build upon it. The twist of lines and their forms are the inspiration for [their] movement[s]. The visual artist Lindena ends the longest day of TANZNACHT BERLIN, on 25 August, with a live version of her film GEHTANZ III, completed in 2012 in the Uferstudios. With their bodies, on which the lines are also found, the performers raise the raw surfaces of the space and set them to the rhythm of the music by the band Tornado. A living drawing is created in which different levels wander, emerge into different forms, cycle and return in different ways.