For this year’s edition TANZNACHT BERLIN 2012 and TANZ IM AUGUST co-host a closing party to celebrate both festivals. On the way from Uferstudios to Podewil we celebrate with micro-dances and macro-songs from the BEIDE MESSIES, starting 9.30pm and 11.30pm, JEFTA VAN DINTHER, MINNA TIIKKAINEN & DAVID KIERS bring their energy to the audience there with their performance Grind and get us in the mood, soon thereafter STIFF LEATHER & SKADI, BONGO A BANG BANG ignite real fireworks as well as set off the party with a bang – and together with DJ TEAM RAINBOW, artists and audience alike will dance the night away.

Bus shuttle with BEIDE MESSIES to bring the audience of the TANZNACHT BERLIN 2012 from Uferstudios to the closing party at the Podewil, 21.30 h & 23.30 h, Uferstudios