Willy Prager

25. August 2012, 20:30 h, Uferstudio 8


Transformability looks for the interface between philosophy and dance and finds it in the essay of the same name by Boyan Manchev, in which the performance becomes an allegory of our society’s obligation to perform, but at the same time constitutes one of the only places in which we can leave our rehearsed roles behind us. The complex analysis becomes a musical script in Willy Prager’s lecture, the critic a product of the market it criticises. He displaces the lightness of being with words as they displace movement. And yet is everything really so light and unproblematic – or do the performers actually dance for their own freedom?



Eine Produktion von Willy Prager in Koproduktion mit TANZTAGE BERLIN/SOPHIENSÆLE. Dank an das Hochschulübergreifende Zentrum Tanz Berlin.


Konzept/Regie: Willy Prager
In Zusammenarbeit mit: Sonja Pregrad, Tian Rotteveel 
 Tian Rotteveel 
 Sonja Pregrad, Tian Rotteveel, Willy Prager

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