Public in Private/Clément Layes 
25. August 2012, 20:30 h 
26. August 2012, 19:00 h

Uferstudio 3

Der grüne Stuhl – by which we generally understand a piece of furniture to sit on and of a certain colour. Its purpose and possibili- ties seem largely known. In his work the French choreographer Clément Layes continually places this fundamental knowledge about the world of things in question. In the crossfire of artistry, philosophy and dance, a simple chair raises fundamental questions of life, places certainties in question and invalidates physical laws. With Der grüne Stuhl, Clément Layes exactly encircles that hidden gap between the simple word and the seat itself.





Concept/Choreography: Clément Layes
Performance/Choreography: Felix Marchand, Felix M. Ott 
Dramaturgy: Jasna Layes-Vinovrski
Video: Diego Agulló