Peter Stamer (D) works as free-lance director, dramaturge, curator, and performer in the field of contemporary performing arts. In his artistic projects, he is foremost interested in exploring conditions of discursive empowerment within given performative setups. Selection of his projects: director of urban installations Head Room, Les Boîtes, La Caja Negra (Beijing/Vienna 2006, Lyon 2008, Gijon 2010 [with Daniel Aschwanden]) // Author of radio performance Chinese Whispers (Vienna 2006/2007, Berlin 2009 [with Daniel Aschwanden]) // Festival dramaturge at Young Choreographers? Project (Beijing 2007) // Artistic Director and curator of the dance biennal Tanznacht Berlin (Berlin 2008 & 2010) // Curator and Mentor at APT (Antwerp 2008, Brussels 2012) // director of TV project Drama Queens (Vienna 2009) // director of performative theatre documentary of The Path Of Money (Beijing, Shanghai, Berlin, Vienna, Salzburg 2009/2010 [with Daniel Aschwanden]) // curator of NU Performance Festival (Tallinn 2011 [with Silke Bake]) // artistic director The Big Event 1 & 2 (Vienna 2012 [with Yosi Wanunu]) // director For Your Eyes Only (Stockholm, Viljandi, Berlin & Vienna 2010-2012) 

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