Diego Agulló is a daily orange juice maker and Proust reader. He started to think ninja when he was 5 developing a NTL (nothing to lose) mindset while playing his favorite game ‘darkness’. On 1998, having a background in football and taekwondo he decided to study for 6 years philosophy at the university in Madrid. During this time he got involved in the practice of music improvisation sculpture and painting. He is co-founder of En Busca del Pasto, a project musical improvisation. On 2005, he decided not to open a book for the next 3 years. He replaced this absence with a video camera and he moved to Berlin where he became a Vj working for 4 years in clubs making visuals. His films have been shown at international festivals such as Berlinale, Oberhausen, MONA Detroit, Asahi Art Square Tokio, Cinedans, Copenhagen Kunsthalle, Prague Quadrennial and Dance theater Workshop New York.

In 2007 accidentally he got involved in performing arts and choreography and since then he has been continuously working on the field. On 2010 he met Dmitry Paranyushkin and they became partners in crime, developing the on-going research project in transitionary states called Transnomia and the mission-based project The Humping Pact. Diego organizes the event CUE, which has been internationally activated in at least 70 editions through the cities of Berlin, Rotterdam, Riga, Madrid, Barcelona, Palermo and Valencia. He is currently working on a set of little texts that will constitute a book on the topic of freelance and cross-dilettantism. He presses orange juice every morning and sometimes he forgets to breath. It´s now or never. Day by day.

Diego Agulló & Agata Siniarska “Those three little words”
28.-31. August, ongoing during performance times, Seminarroom 2