Jo Parkes is a freelance choreographer, dance pedagogue and trainer. She has been working with groups of professional and non-professional performers for ten years. Using dance and narration, her projects explore themes relevant to the respective groups. Her work is a multi-disciplinary combination of movement, images, sound, and film/video. Jo Parkes’ choreographic works for the stage and the screen have been shown in Europe, Asia, Africa, Canada, and the United States. She has realised dance projects in schools in Great Britain, the United States and Germany, often with youths from underprivileged neighbourhoods who have no prior experience with contemporary dance. She is currently developing and accompanying the further training program for the pool of choreographers working in TanzZeit projects. The program is dedicated to exchange, feedback and offering individual expert coaching. In 2002 Parkes won the Bonnie Bird New Choreography Award (GB), in 1995 she received a Fulbright Grant to do her Masters degree in choreography at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). She also has a degree (First Class) in English/German from the University of Oxford.

“In Residence: On Tradition”
30. August, 12 am – 22 pm, Badstraße Shops