Siegmar Zacharias works develop formats of performances, lectures, installations, dealing with questions of agency, juxtaposing theory and materiality. They are situated between labour and humour, do-it-yourself low tech and high tech. They have been presented nationally and internationally in festivals, theatres, galleries, green houses, the woods, and up in the sky. After a recent fascination with rock operas and musicals she is now investigating choreography and alchemy. She is a founding member of the collective SXS Enterprise and has co-initiated WOW-WE WORK HERE, an initiative of Berlin based artists, a research and exchange platform. Siegmar teaches at DasArts, Amsterdam, DOCH, Stockholm, HZT Berlin and Folkwang Universität Essen.

“Invasive Hospitality”
28. August, 9 pm, Galerie Patrick Ebensberger