Jo Parkes & Inge Koks “In Residence: On Tradition” (research)

30. August, 12:00 am – 10 pm video on loop / 2-3-pm & 8-9 pm presentation / court

With In Residence Jo Parkes and Inge Koks aim to establish closer contact with the Uferstudios’ immediate neighbours – not necessarily the usual suspects of the Berlin dance scene. In Residence is a five year project series that explores the physically close yet distant surroundings, seeks to exchange viewpoints, include the unfamiliar and be influenced and inspired by voices rarely heard. During 8th Tanznacht Berlin they will show their research for the upcoming project “On Tradition” including a first short film created with one Badstrasse neighbour.

Concept: Jo Parkes & Inge Koks. Research: Jo Parkes & Inge Koks. Direction film: Jo Parkes. Camera/editing: Sven O. Hill. Sound: Mattef Kunney. Photography: Elleanor Clarke. Supported by Aktion KulturAllianzen, 8. Tanznacht Berlin 2014 and Tanzfabrik Berlin.


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