Martin Hansen “Monumental”

30. August, 4:15 pm, Studio 11 | TICKETS
(40 Min)

A dance solo made of stories, brought to life through work. “Monumental” is about the reconstruction of Anna Pavlova’s 1905 seminal solo ‘the dying swan’. Taking the historical material as his starting point, Martin Hansen explores the tension between the production of authenticity and identity, history and contemporaneity. Can you wake the dead? Have we really emancipated ourselves from the canonical works of ballet? How do we perceive beauty within the context of contemporary dance – do we need it? Searching for the continual relevance and fascination of a prominent moment from the history of dance, “Monumental” moves between the conventions of lecture performance, reconstruction and documentary theatre.

Choreography and Dance: Marin Hansen. Made with the support of Eric Green, Melanie Jame Wolf, Louise Pain and Augusto Siccardi and HZT Berlin.


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