Jolika Sudermann „Pulse aplenty“

30. August, 6 pm, Court/Heizhaus

“PULSE aplenty” is the result of a two week workshop in which a group of 60 movement enthusiasts tried to come to terms with the simplest of all rhythms: the regular heartbeat. Our atoms, cells and veins vibrate, our most essential actions are rhythmically regulated. Our heart beats, we breathe, walk, run, dance, chew, have sex, give birth. Sixty people, all driven by the same constant beat, each dealing with it in their own way. The longer they move, the more they grow alike; one big pulsating animal. “Pulse aplenty” is a trip, an ecstatic group ceremony, a techno meditation on the edges of personality, collective consciousness and mass hype.


Choreography: Jolika Sudermann. Performers: graduates of the Dance Intensive Programme of Tanzfabrik Berlin.  Assistance: Annina Lingens. Supported by the Intensive Dance Program of Tanzfabrik Berlin


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