Photo: Sven Gutjahr

Fa Li (Excerpt) – The Gray Voice Ensemble

directed by Elisabeth Wood | Performance
Wednesday 9.9. 19:40, COURTYARD (open air)

Duration: approx. 25 min.

The tower of Babel, Torheit, Folly, rendered as Fa Li … La Li … La li la li la.

This piece deals with two dimensions of community and communication: desperation and folly (in German: Torheit / in Solfège: Fa Li).

In architecture, a folly is an extravagant and often «useless» construction. In everyday usage it can also mean silliness, madness, joy or a favorite place of residence. Here, community is to be understood less as a group that shares a common vision or a common goal than as a temporary space-time event in which the other may be encountered. What is the nature of encounter in this space of desperation and folly?

The Gray Voice Ensemble sings the songs of Albert McCloud: the name of a collective authorship to which The Anonymous Writing Group (TAWG) belongs. Many of Fa Li’s multilingual texts were created by TAWG. The work of the ensemble is an interdisciplinary learning process in sound, image and movement.

The Gray Voice Ensemble is an interdisciplinary choir project founded
by Elisabeth Wood in Berlin in 2013. An open call brings together 20 to 50 laypersons each year.

Elisabeth Wood, born in 1977 in Provo, UT, USA, has lived in Berlin since 2003. Her work investigates the voice. She has directed The Gray Voice Ensemble in Berlin since 2013.


Please remember to wear weatherproof clothing.

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