Photo: Hana Lee Erdman

Hana Lee Erdman

«Animal Companion»


This performance applies principles of interspecies relationships through choreography and image making, with the aim of suspending conventional habits and expanding the repertoire of human relations. The exhibition space is treated as a social art space, one that designs and collects strategies for being together. Visitors to the exhibition are invited to engage with Animal Companions and replace their usual language and social codes with principles of proximity, telepathy and inter-subjectivity. They get the chance to see artworks and/or performances through the eyes of their animal companions and engage in intersubjective readings.

Hana Lee Erdman is a dance artist who works with choreography and curatorial practices, drawing on both embodied and visual sensibilities. Her work generates a space of public intimacy and sensitivity, proposing a practice of being together as a creative unit.


Author: Hana Lee Erdman. Performer: Asaf Aharonson, Alice Heyward, Layton Lachman, Jorge De Hoyos, Kasia Wolinska. Dramaturgy: Igor Koruga. The piece is represented by Gallerie, a project and gallery that represents immaterial artworks.