Jana Unmüßig / Miriam Jakob

«Breathing With _1»


«Breathing With_1» is an experiment by choreographers Miriam Jakob and Jana Unmüßig in speaking/filming/painting guided by breathing. By testing the interaction of their breath with various media, they not only negotiate more dimensions of the phenomenon of breathing, which usually takes place unnoticed, automatically, and passively, but also make tangible the affinities between the selected media.

Photo: Jana Unmüßig / Miriam Jakob

«Breathing With_1» marks the first artistic dialogue between Jana Unmüßig and Miriam Jakob supported by Berlin Artistic Research Grant Programme. Their multi-format exploration of the topic of breathing is due to continue throughout 2020 and 2021. The goal of their research is to glean more facets of the process of breathing that we usually take for granted – by shifting the focus away from breathing as an exclusively human process and towards other situations, for example, where it is facilitated by technical equipment.

The artists draw inspiration from a range of aspects of gender studies, body work, performance studies, performance art and post-humanist studies to examine the phenomenon of breathing from various perspectives.

Jana Unmüßig, choreographer, and Miriam Jakob, choreographer and performer, are scholarship holders 2020/2021 under the Berlin Artistic Research Grant Programme. «Breathing With_1» is the first public demonstration of their research collaboration.


Artistic Collaboration: Miriam Jakob & Jana Unmüßig. Artistic Advice & Video / Sound: Felix Claßen. Video: Miriam Jakob. Texts / Painting: Jana Unmüßig. Funded by: Berliner Förderprogramm Künstlerische Forschung/gkfd. Supported by: Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe.