Curators’ tour of the exhibition

With Jacopo Lanteri & Julian Weber | Curators’ tour of the exhibition
Thursday 10.9. 18:30, Studio14

At the heart of this year’s edition of Tanznacht Berlin “Vertigo (Part One)” is a choreographic group exhibition, showing throughout the festival in Studio 14, where projects in various artistic fields can interact and exchange viewpoints. Choreographer Kat Válastur is showing an installation developed in cooperation with visual artist Leon Eixenberger from the stage set for her piece “Stelllar Fauna”. In her kinetic installation “Gummimauer / flexible walls”, the visual artist Rike Horb in turn transfers movement to the usually static material of masonry.

Other performances also add dynamic elements to the sculptural and installation aspects of the exhibition: Roger Sala Reyner, Guillaume Marie and Igor Dobričić have transformed the solo piece “Roger” into a living installation, going beyond the original choreographic format to counter suffering with comfort and a gesture of empathy and bring it into the centre of society. Complete artwork devotee Liina Magnea and opera singer Sigrún Gyða Sveinsdóttir keep art alive in “Sehnsucht +” and imagine themselves as cells in a sleeping body.

These two formats, adapted and developed especially in response to the pandemic for the first part of Tanznacht, are accompanied by Hana Lee Erdman’s “Animal Companion”. Here, the eponymous associates escort visitors through the exhibition, shifting perspectives on conventional modes of encounter between humans and animals. 

For the closing event of this year’s edition of Tanznacht Berlin, the curators have invited Mmakgosi Kgabi and Dasniya Baddhanasiri to round off the programme with a dialogue that is as physical as it is vocal.  


Mouth/nose protection is required.

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