Photo: Jubal_Battisti

Live Audio Description & Haptic Access Tour for “Extinction Room (Hopeless.)” by Sergiu Matis

In cooperation with Jess Curtis / Gravity | For visitors with impaired vision
Saturday 12.9. 16:00, Courtyard / open air

Duration (Haptic Access Tour): 20 to 30 minutes.

Listen to movement and get in touch with contemporary dance. For Tanznacht Berlin, audio descriptions and tactile tours are offered to make selected program items accessible to blind and visually impaired people.

For “Extinction Room (Hopeless.)” by Sergiu Matis, professional speaker and performer Xenia Taniko Dwertmann describes live visual details such as movement, gestures, facial expressions, scenery, costumes and props. The audio descriptions are transmitted via a wireless headset system.

Part of the audio description is the Haptic Access Tour, a kind of pre-performance: 90 minutes before the actual performance the scenery is explored and props and costumes are felt. The performer makes qualities of movement perceptible and describes herself.


Meeting Point: Festival Infopoint – Studio 12

Visitors are requested to book 2 tickets: one for an escort from their household, who can guide them through the tour without maintaining a minimum distance, as well as one for themselves. 

Please wear weatherproof clothing. Open-air events in the courtyard may be postponed or cancelled due to bad weather.  Please check the Tanznacht website for last-minute schedule changes:

If you require assistance, please contact: