Photo: Yvon Chabrowski

Yvon Chabrowski

«An Interview with H.R.H. The Princess of Wales»

The last official interview with H.R.H. the Princess of Wales is transformed here into a blank scenario, where the entire focus is placed on the actress playing the princess within a clinical set. She imitates the gestures and facial expressions of the late Princess of Wales – but all the contextual and atmospheric factors of her situation are faded out. This enables the spectator to see the figure in an uncommonly direct way and highlights her exposedness to the public, revealing the function of the interview format as a mass media spectacle. The staged conversation becomes visible and readable as a cultural machine, demonstrating the entanglement of each person in the fields of publicity and politics.*

Yvon Chabrowski was born in East Berlin and now lives in Berlin and Leipzig. Her video sculptures decontextualize media images and expose their individual syntaxes and modes of operation.

Video Sculpture: Yvon Chabrowski. Performance: Jana Horst. Camera: Jan Mammey

* Text by Marc Ries, Rheinhard Braun