Aeon (II), Laura Siegmund © Moritz Majce + Sandra Man, 2021


Moritz Majce + Sandra Man | Live installation
Saturday 24.7. 19:30–21:30, Open Space Landsberger Allee

«Aeon II» opens as part of Tanznacht Berlin Vertigo (Part Two) on 23.7 and runs until 12.8. You can find the exact opening hours on the website of Moritz Majce + Sandra Man:

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«Aeon II» is a new project by artist and choreographer Moritz Majce and artist and writer Sandra Man and the next part of their «Aeon» series, originally planned as a trilogy. Following on from «Choros» (2016-2018) and «Chora» (2019), it continues their joint exploration of the nexus humanity, technology, and nature in a piece with six dancers that marks the start of a new cycle. 

Aeon is the other Greek god of time. Unlike Chronos, he does not embody the passing of time but the concept of time as eternal and now. In science, geological periods are named after Aeon – the history of the earth is broken down into aeons.      

In Moritz Majce’s and Sandra Man’s «Aeon II» everything takes place outdoors: in patches of wasteland and urban green spaces, in described and filmed landscapes. The outside space comes to the fore, the human bodies are let into it. They do as little as possible to leave the focus on their surroundings. The space becomes wide open and alien. Where are we living? 

«Aeon II» is a contemplative trip through real landscapes and imaginary images. The work intervenes in our sense of time and space. Choral movements and embodied texts form a common unknown territory for the performers and the spectators, in the here and now.

Moritz Majce works on special audience spaces: new forms of encounter between the work and the observer. His means are space-forming objects, videos, and choreographies for performers. 

Sandra Man works on spatializing texts: embodied in choreographies and performances, with sound added in videos, or spoken in audio installations. 

In 2015, Majce and Man started cooperating on creating spatial choreographies – mobile surroundings consisting of the equal elements: performers, objects, video images, texts, and visitors. 

Aeon II

Choreography/Video/Space: Moritz Majce, Choreography/Video/Text: Sandra Man, Choreography/Performance: Lisa Densem, Jorge Rodolfo De Hoyos, Samuel Draper, Joséphine Evrard, Mikael Marklund, Laura Siegmund, Translation: Anna Galt.

Production: Tiphaine Carrère, Co-production: Tanznacht Berlin 2020, Funded by: NPN Stepping Out.


Free entry at any time for approximately 2 hours from the start of opening hours. 

Open Air on the open space Landsberger Allee 320, 10365 Berlin / Entrance: Gate roundabout at Möbel Höffner., 10365 Berlin, Germany&ll=52.533795,13.504441&q=Marked location&_ext=EiYpAOqTNcBDSkAx3JCza37+KkA5fr+5keZESkBB3sO5EA4GK0BQBA==

The grounds are free to enter at your own risk during opening hours. The daily Corona Ordinance of the State of Berlin applies. At the moment open air is not compulsory.