© Gianluca di Ioia


Ginevra Panzetti & Enrico Ticconi | Performance
Friday 23.7. 18:00, Check-in 17:45 / Studio 5

Duration: 30 minutes

«AeReA» is the first  part of a diptych that focuses on the flag – an object which has long been used to express ideas of belonging and separation and mark a distinction between a hypothetical us and them. In constant proximity, forming part of a single anatomy, humans and flags emerge from a thick darkness to become the only propulsive generators of images. Silvery gray, the flags are cleansed of signs and symbols, and reduced to their plastic essence. A zero point is reached, without connotations, where anything can arise, begin, or dissolve. As if belonging to a near or remote past, spectral figures emerge through a score of unveilings, evoking a close and ancient brotherhood between the two textile objects, flag and shroud. 

The title of this piece takes two words that can be graphically overlaped and merged into a single term: ARA – AEREA. The first one, ARA, alludes to the place that in ancient times was dedicated to the sacrifice, here understood as a death-generating mechanism, inflicted as a gift on those invested with the highest power. The second term, AEREA (adj. air), indicates the physical quality of the flag, which achieves its greatest expression of power once hoisted and billowing in the air. 

The artistic research conducted by Ginevra Panzetti and Enrico Ticconi interlaces dance, performance and visual art. Deepening themes related to the historical connection between communication, violence and power, they draw on ancient fantasies, creating hybrid figures and images between history and contemporaneity. 


By and with: Ginevra Panzetti/Enrico Ticconi, Sound: Demetrio Castellucci, Light: Annegret Schalke, Flag Waving Coach: Carlo Lobina / Flag­wavers Association of Arezzo, Technical Direction: Paolo Tizianel, Costumes: Ginevra Panzetti/Enrico Ticconi, Tour Manager: Aurèlie Martin, Production: Premio Hermès Danza Triennale Milano.