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Critical Techno | Guided meditation
Friday 23.7. 18:30–21:30, Open Air Bühne / Festival-Lounge

Critical Techno is a sonic journey amid words, techno, sweat and bodies towards an unknown destination: A sea of voices and sounds that we move through to uncover and understand their current and collective meaning. Theoretical, poetic, fantastic and queer texts merge to become a new story and, in combination with techno beats, a somatic score. A hypnotic voice takes the audience on a collective imaginary journey. Can dance parties become moments of collective reflection? 

In «Biomorphia», the third edition of Critical Techno, we explore the relationships between human and non-human beings from various perspectives, including anatomy, indigenous mythologies, totems and ‘spirit animals’, science fiction and horror stories. In «Biomorphia» we want to find out the secrets of the substances we are made of and relate to, to get to the bottom of the micro- and macro-cosmos – organism and ecosystem – that we inhabit. «Biomorphia» sends us on a shapeshifting journey of metamorphoses between humans and animals, where we can dream up the creatures of the future together. 

Thomas Proksch lives in Berlin and works at the interface of performance, visual arts, music and voice. Together with Rocio Marano he is developing “Spirits of Places”, a body-based practice in direct contact with nature. 

Helena Dietrich lives in Brussels. Her transdisciplinary work is influenced by feminist theory and transformative body experiences. Her immersive installations invite the audience to participate in rituals.