Community Radio

PSR | Community Radio
Saturday 24.7. 18:15, Check-in 18:00 / Meeting point: Open Air Stage

Duration: approx. 3 hours

In 2020 the Heizhaus-based PSR collective contributed a vibrant element to the Tanznacht festival with their discussion event «Miteinander reden / Sharing views». This year, the collective is applying its community-building skills to offering a joint listening experience.  Atmospheres, voices, stories, textures, and music all make up «Community Radio by PSR and Guests» which acoustically brings the neighbouring parts of Wedding into the Uferstudio courtyard, too. Through collective, active listening, participants get the chance to exchange not only ideas but also – in so far as the current situation allows – spontaneous moves at a ‘silent party’. The radio broadcasting on site from the Uferstudios seeks a dialogue with the neighbourhood by artistic means, forging a direct link between the two.        

Please bring a charged smartphone and headphones!

Infos about PSR

PSR is an informal collective of Berlin based artists and cultural workers with a background in dance and dance theory (Lea Martini, Sheena McGrandles, Modjgan Hashemian, Stefan Hölscher, Mila Pavićević, Juli Reinartz, Simone Willeit).