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Funny Things Before Panic

Liina Magnea | Performance
Saturday 24.7. 20:00, Check-in 19:45 / Studio 1

Duration: approx. 1 hour

In «Funny Things Before Panic», choreographer Liina Magnea and music producer Reetta Nummi (SITOI) explore the different stages of a panic attack. In form of a live performed four act audio play, they embody the symptoms as characters of a contemporary drama accompanied by a mash-up soundtrack.

Obsessed with the idea of the Gesamtkunstwerk, Liina Magnea makes dance and performance art, releases music under the name ‘Magnea’ and works as a film dramaturge. She gives vocal coachings for the Icelandic choir in Berlin and helps people suffering from addiction.

Reetta Nummi (SITOI) is a Finnish artist in the field of experimental music and contemporary art. In her work she examines vulnerability, carnality and social structures by bringing together elements of noise, poetry, electronic music and performance art.


Choreographer/Composer/Musician/Performer: Liina Magnea, Composer/Musician/Performer: Reetta Nummi (SITOI), Singers/Performers: Julianna Schreyer, Laurean Wagner, Music Consultant: Noah Kin, Post Production Music: Haraldur Thrastarson, Assistant Choreography: Tuukka Leijavuori, Photo/Video: Nathan Ceddia, Kristin V Jam, Artistic Production Manager: Ayako Toyama.

Co-Production: Liina Magnea and Tanznacht Berlin, Funded by: der Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa. Special Thanks to: Anna Bergel, New Fears – gallery for dance and performance/Julian Weber, Aikido Dojo am Gleisdreieck.