Photo & sculpture: © Matteo Lucca


Teodora Castellucci / Dewey Dell | Performance
Saturday 24.7. 19:00, Check-in 18:45 / Studio 14

Duration: approx. 1 hour

When a person is possessed – as it takes place in rites all over the world – their human identity is suspended in order to create space for a divinity to occupy the body. To be nothing and no-one but a tunic of skin is a radical notion of embodiment that inspires Dewey Dell’s research into dance and theatre. The group’s interest is centred on a form of possession that generates a clear, incisive separation between the possessed person and the divinity, rather than a mystical union of the two. 

Hamlet is by definition a character who embodies the impossible equation ‘to be or not to be’, the essence of a possessed individual who is simultaneously being and not being. This dance piece aims to manifest the unbearable experience of opposing forces within the frame of the human body and shape a new form for the most iconic prince of Denmark. 

Teodora Castellucci is the choreographer of Dewey Dell, a dance company based in Berlin, Cesena, and Vilnius. The choreography in their works is inspired and informed by art history and the animal kingdom, and cultivates a strong inclination to explore new paths leading to different forms of art.

Concept/Artistic Direction/Choreography: Teodora Castellucci, Dancers: Ivan Björn Ekemark, Dylan Guzowski, Layton Lachman, Original Music: Demetrio Castellucci, Costumes: Guoda Jaruševičiūtė, Technical Direction: Vito Matera, Stage Design: Transforma, Assistant Stage Design: Ben Clark, Sculpture Art: Matteo Lucca, «Human», bread with consolidation treatment, Mask Design: Studio A – Thom Roberts «Grey Face» 2019-20; Thom Roberts «Red Face» 2019-20, Graphic/Video: Clio Casadei, Project Management: Raquel Moreira, Production Management/Assistant Choreography: Agata Castellucci, Photo/Video Documentation: Ilaria Di Carlo, Assistant Video Documentation: Ethan Folk.

Co-production: Tanznacht Berlin, Supported by: Dewey Dell, Italien, Funded by: Hauptstadtkulturfonds