imagining future coexistence

in cooperation with FU Berlin | Conference
Thursday 7.9. 13:00–21:00, Uferstudios / Studio 1

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dramaturgy & choreography as aesthetic and social practices

How can we develop practices and tools to imagine a future coexistence – between the not-yet and the yet-to-come? And in doing so, how can we go beyond an ableist approach?

Our project on the emergence of alternative choreographic and dramaturgical formats asks for a humble position of undoing mastery in dealing with the marginalized and the unknown. It searches for different ways of worlding and puts into question toxic relationalities.

In our last gathering we want to discuss those questions in 3 sections:

“Practicing the impossible” addresses the interwoven practices of artist-led NGOs and civil society organizations in ex-socialist countries, “dramaturgy and its discontents” asks for the mutual dependencies of institutions, infrastructures and ’indisciplinary’ approaches, whereas the third panel is dedicated to procedures and methodologies which provoke change and emerge in formats engaging in the critical function of fictional approaches.

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Thursday, 07.09.2023
13:00 — arrival
13:30 — welcome and introduction, by Kirsten Maar and Mila Pavićević
15:00 — Practicing the impossible: Practices, formats and methodologies from Eastern Europe, with Una Bauer (Zagreb) and Sergiu Matis (Berlin)
15:45 — tea and coffee-break
16:15 — Le Salon, with Silke Bake (Berlin), Jule Flierl (Berlin), Jacopo Lanteri (Berlin) and Andrea Niederbuchner (Berlin)
18:00 — Drag and Dramaturgy, with Olympia Bukkakis (Berlin) and guest
19:00 — aperitif