Live Audio Description II

In cooperation with Jess Curtis / Gravity Access Service | Access Service for blind and visually impaired people
Friday 8.9. 21:50–22:50, Uferstudios / Studio 14

Registration by phone or email

during the performances of Christoph Winkler, Martin Hansen, Lee Méir, Ingo Reulecke

Check-in for audio description II at the Infopoint: 9:20pm

All participants of the audio description I can stay in the studio and also participate in the audio description II.

Via wireless headsets, participants hear a professional speaker accompanying the performance live, describing visual details such as the performers’ movements, gestures, facial expressions, and the stage set, costumes, and props.

Speaker: Lena Michaelis, Language: German

The Tanznacht trailer for blind and visually impaired people (in German) can be found here:

Registration: 030 / 200 59 272 or