Tanznacht Closing Celebration

Babycakes takeover | Party
Saturday 9.9. 20:30–02:00, Studio dB / Uferstr. 11

Entrance with festival wristband

To celebrate 25 years of Tanznacht and the end of our 25-hour dance marathon, the clubbing-collective BABYCAKES will take over with a cute and powerful lineup featuring Athens-based DJ, producer and artist BABYNYMPH, who will bring us her assemblages of deconstructed club, slut pop and SoundCloud rap in a hybrid live set. She will be followed by ace of demons whose slapping beats win every mortal kombat. Together with her unusual combinations of sound, vivid mash-ups and tempo changes, her sets crack open access to unknown realities and emotions. The night will be rounded off by newcomer KALI and her electric mix of broken reggaeton and techno tunes. And watch out, some performative hyper-characters may cross you on the dancefloor.

Long waiting periods may arise due to limited room capacity.


20:30-22:00 – BABYNYMPH
22:00-00:00 – ace of demons
00:00-02:00 – Kali

With a sound that screams hyper-femininity, while twisting in an ironically exaggerated masculinity, BABYNYMPH’s music boasts a range of references from deconstructed club with complex sound design to Ibiza summer hits, slutty pop and SoundCloud rap.
Drawing predominantly from trans-feminine influences and online culture, as well as Baby’s close friends who make up the erupting party scene around her – BABYNYMPH is carving out a hyper-augmented, meticulously engineered, pornopop landscape of sound with each new release.

Born in Berlin and raised by its underground queer club scene, ace of demons is a DJ and producer signed at Live From Earth’s sublabel Live From Earth Klub. Always killing, never chilling the dance floor gives them comfort, because it’s where they find their own rhythm: A high energy genre-bending sound, full of vivid mash-ups, edits, tempo changes and unusual combinations in sound, while their slapping beats win every mortal combat. After their Panorama Bar debut last year, they also had their first broadcasted Boiler Room showcase 2022.

Kali is a trans femme DJ from South America who is now based in Berlin. Their sound incorporates Latin influences, electronic atmospheres, and techno percussion. They initially started their journey by mixing techno and hardtechno, but they have now evolved to include more Club Latino music with tones and textures derived from reggaeton, guaracha, and cumbia.