Haptic Access Tour of «Hamlet»

In cooperation with Jess Curtis / Gravity Access Service | Access Service for blind and visually impaired people
Saturday 24.7. 18:00–18:30, Studio 14

A way to feel contemporary dance: The GRAVITY ACCESS SERVICE team is offering a haptic access tour of «Hamlet» by Teodora Catelluci / Dewey Dell, especially tailored to improve the performance’s accessibility to blind and visually impaired people.   

The tour is a kind of preshow, relying on tactile perception rather than sight: 60 minutes before the performance begins, participants get the chance to explore the stage space, feel the props and costumes, and talk to the performers about their characters and movements. 

Language: german


The GRAVITY ACCESS SERVICE is supported by Diehl und Ritter / Tanzpakt Reconnect and funded by the Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the dance support programme of the NEUSTART KULTUR initiative.  


Contact: 030 / 200 59 272 or ticket@tanznachtberlin.de.

The Haptic Access Tour is part of an audio description accompanying the performance «Hamlet» by Teodora Catelluci / Dewey Dell. It is exclusively available to blind and visually impaired people, accompanied by one helper, and free of charge. The Haptic Access Tour and the Live Audio Description can also be booked separately.