Daniel AlmgrenRecén, 1979, SE.

With a background in sport he moved on to study classical theatre both in theory and practice and worked as a physical actor before starting to appear in dance contexts.

Daniel is a graduate from SNDO, Amsterdam, now working as choreographer, performer and movement coach, with among other Ivana Müller, Keren Cytter, WhiteHorse collective and Ibrahim Quraishi.

Together with Manuel Scheiwiller he was running Gross und Stark between 2006 and 2010. Gross und Stark was a nomadic venue for performance that appeared in different locations throughout Europe.

Daniel creates performances on the edge of dance, performance and visual art.

He is interested in the individual’s potential of transformation through conscious decisions in relation and dialog with the surrounding. Daniel combines intelligence, creativity and original ideas in a concentrated research of the medium he is working with. There is a balance between reflection and physicality in his works that generate new ways of looking at the body and reflecting on the body in space.

Daniel researches in a focused and consequent way time, concept and construction. And in this the consequent conceptualization of the subject he allows the poetry of the body to emerge.

For further information visit www.daar.se


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