Kenji Ouellet „Le sacre du printemps – a haptic rite“

30. August
1:00 pm,  Studio 7 | TICKETS
2:00 pm,  Studio 7 | TICKETS
3:00 pm,  Studio 7 | TICKETS
6:30 pm,  Studio 7 | TICKETS
7:30 pm,  Studio 7 | TICKETS
8:30 pm,  Studio 7 | TICKETS
9:30 pm,  Studio 7 | TICKETS
(25 Min)

A non-visual, haptic choreography that is performed directly on the body of the visitor. Strongly related to but not always rooted in Stravinsky’s music, the piece builds on a vocabulary developed in a series of previous performances for the sense of touch. Some of the previous work explored inter-sensory sound/touch relationships. The visitors are blindfolded, not to establish a power relationship but in order to produce a concentration on other sense modalities. The guest is not moving actively, concentrating instead on his or her subjective bodily sensations and architecture. The haptic score offers both a compositional structure and immediate bodily experience (rather than kinaesthetic empathy.)

Choreography: Kenji Ouellet. Performers: Kenji Ouellet, Anna-Luella Zahner, Susanne Eder, Franziska Kronfoth. Production: HAU Hebbel am Ufer. With support from the German Federal Cultural Foundation. Supported by the representation of the goverment of  Québec.


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