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«Vertigo (Part Two)» sees Tanznacht Berlin leaving the digital spaces where so much has taken place over the last sixteen months and creating analogue opportunities for encounter again. The four-day festival will centre around the Tanznacht Berlin lounge in the courtyard of the Uferstudios. Here, people can meet, and a variety of artistic viewpoints, approaches, practices, and genres converge in safe conditions. Meanwhile, in cooperation with the local arts centre Wiesenburg e.V. and NEW FEARS – gallery for dance and performance, the festival’s interdisciplinary programme will reach out into the surrounding neighbourhood of Wedding.

While the first part in 2020 focused on showing works in both the performing arts and the visual arts in an exhibition context, thanks to the easing of anti-Corona restrictions, this year’s festival also has several stage works to offer. Performative positions which could not be shown in 2020 will now be presented inside the Uferstudios. They include two premieres and a restaging that deal with contemporary issues such as anxiety and inner conflict and explore communal forms of solace and empathy – the question of how society deals with depression and other negative emotional states has sadly gained relevance under the pandemic. 

Let’s hope the Vertigo of the festival has a cathartic effect and helps to lend contemporary dance a new aesthetic and topical intensity!

Curator´s text Tanznacht Berlin 2020/21