Niels `Storm’ Robitzky, Raphael Hillebrand, Louise Wagner  ”Dialogic Movement – Forum für zeitgenössischen urbanen Tanz”

29. August, 8:30 pm, Studio 14 | TICKETS
(90 Min)

Watchable, informative and above all entertaining: In Dialogic Movement, Niels “Storm” Robitzky, Louise Wagner and Raphael Hillebrand have created a forum for contemporary urban culture unique in this form in Berlin, that demonstrably promotes interdisciplinary exchange and instigates openness for multi-genre formats. Dialogic Movement forms an interface in which urban and contemporary dance can grow together in mutual strength and support one another in their different developments. The series, aimed at a diverse audience, invites the development of a differentiated understanding of contemporary urban culture and its different influences and above all to celebrate together with the artists outstanding performances, real-time compositions and challenging dialogues.

Artistic Direction: Niels `Storm’ Robitzky, Raphael Hillebrand & Louise Wagner Guests Ingo Reulecke, Joy Ritter und Denis ‚Koone’ Kuhnert Music: Klaus Janek Project management: Tanja Engel I tanz büro performance Photo: Ferry Dietel/MDR


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