Jochen Roller „The Source Code – ein Online-Projekt über eine Ausdruckstänzerin im Exil“
A Tanzfonds Erbe Project

30. August, 12 am,  Studio 5 | FREE ADMISSION

The Source Code dedicates itself to the recreation of the last dance drama of the Viennese expressionist dancer Gertrud Bodenwieser from 1954. The Jewish exile together with her dance group, became the founders of modern dance in Australia. The Source Code not only reconstructs the dance steps from “Errand into the Maze” but also its political and cultural context. With four Australian choreographers as well as former members of the Bodenwieser Dance Group, Jochen Roller revived the piece in a studio in Sydney. In the online archive, there are many interviews, photos and letters alongside parts of the recreation itself. The public is invited to create multiple visions of the choreography for themselves in light of the documents presented as a reflection on the subjectivity of memory, the relativity of facts and the supposed possibility of reconstruction in dance.

Concept, research, reconstruction and archiving: Jochen Roller Video documentation: Andrea Keiz. Archiving: Theresa Willeke Research: Elisabeth Nehring. Reconstruction of Errand into the Maze: Nadia Cusimano, Matthew Day, Latai Taumoepeau, Lizzie Thomson. Conservator of the Bodenwieser Archive: Barbara Cuckson. Bodenwieser Consultants: Carol Brown, Lee Christofis, Biruta Clark, Moira Claux, Barbara Cuckson, Shona Dunlop-MacTavish, Elaine Vallence. Additional research: Jan Poddebsky Additional archiving: Andreas Russe. Programming: Enno Herwig/wemove digital soultions Graphic design: Claudia Heynen. Production:DepArtment. With support from the Rozelle School for Visual Arts, Sydney. Supported by: TANZFONDS ERBE – A Kulturstiftung des Bundes Inititative.


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