Tickets & Awareness

Ticket info


Performances start: 8th of September 2023, 7 pm
Performances end: 9th of September 2023, 8 pm
Duration: 25 hours, no intervals 

Ticket price: Pay what you can (€10 / €15 / €20 / €25) *
Free entry for children up to 10 years

Tickets must be exchanged for a wristband on site.
Wristbands entitle you to re-enter at any time during the festival.
Waiting periods may arise due to limited room capacity, especially during peak hours on Friday and Saturday evening.
Headphones are available upon entry, which can be used to switch between the different sound channels of the four simultaneously happening performances.

Tickets are available online here:
Tickets are available at the door from 5 pm, 8th of September.
Payment on the door in cash only.
Ticket reservation is not possible.

* How does the Pay what you can system work?
Choose from the suggested range of ticket prices for Tanznacht. We recommend you pay €15. Would a lower ticket price make it more likely for you to attend? Then feel free to pay a lower price. Could you afford to pay a higher price? Please do, and make it possible for others who are less fortunate to attend. Tanzcard-holders are welcome to pay the lowest price in the range.


Free admission with registration


Entrance with festival wristband.
Long waiting periods may arise due to limited room capacity.

Awareness Guidelines

Tanznacht Berlin is a learning organisation run by a multi-disciplinary team from different backgrounds and cultures and with diverse abilities. We are continually working to break down existing barriers of any kind and help everyone to feel comfortable and safe in our spaces. For these reasons we kindly ask you to take the time to read the following guidelines:

↪ This is no place for discrimination or harassment of any kind. We say NO to racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, fatphobia, ableism, and all other forms of discrimination. Be mindful of the language you use.
↪ Don’t assume anyone’s gender, identity, sexuality, health, needs, or background.
↪ Ask for consent regarding touch, physical and emotional closeness. Everyone has different boundaries.
↪ Everyone brings different experiences to this room. Try to listen and accept the diversity of these experiences.
↪ Take responsibility for yourself and for the space you create with others.
↪ Be aware of your intentions and take care of each other.
↪ Tanzfabrik Berlin welcomes you and wishes you an enjoyable time.

If you feel in any way molested or harassed, or if you experience any type of discrimination or other situations that make you feel uncomfortable, please approach the staff on-site or write to Feel also free to write to us if you have feedback — we have the ambition to dismantle existing hierarchies in our contexts and to dissolve discriminatory structures, but we are still in a learning process ourselves.